Log Load Prices (delivered)

  • 1m3 - Loose load - £90
  • 2m3 - Loose load - £170
  • 3m3 - Loose load - £255
  • 4m3 - Loose load - £340
  • 5m3 - Loose load - £400 - SAVE £25

All prices include VAT

Bexwell Farm Seasoned Logs

Seasoned Logs Delivered

We deliver seasoned split logs direct to your door, our loads are 1 cubic metre in size (1M3) and are delivered from the back of our delivery truck. We can also provide bags of logs for collection only and kindling nets*


To give you an idea on log load sizes, a one cubic metre load is shown below, for more load sizes  please take a look at our gallery images by clicking here.


1 Cubic Metre Log Load

1 Cubic Metre

1m3 Loose load £90 delivered

We Deliver Logs To Your Door

Logs Delivered

Free delivery within a 15 mile radius.


Bagged logs

£5 collection only


Netted kindling

£3 collection only

*delivered if ordered with either a full or half load.